Single Action

Windwalker controller is follow Single Responsibility Principle , every controller only have one action. For example:

// controller/sakura/display.php

use Windwalker\Controller\DisplayController;

class FlowerControllerSakuraDisplay extends DisplayController
    protected function doExecute()
        $view = $this->getView();

        return $view->render();

The FlowerControllerSakuraDisplay controller only do one thing, just render this page. Note you have to return rendered string for component to echo it.

Task Routing and Default Controller

Add this task in url to fetch controller what you want:


This task: sakuras.state.publish will get FlowerControllerSakurasStatePublish controller in controller/sakuras/state/publish.php, if this controller not exists, Windwalker will use default Windwalker\Controller\State\PublishController instead.

Executed Hooks

Every Controller have two hooks to let you inject your logic, prepareExecute() and postExecute().

See this example:

// controller/sakura/edit/save.php

use Windwalker\Controller\Edit\SaveController;

class FlowerControllerSakuraEditSave extends SaveController
    protected function prepareExecute()
        // Set something.
        $this->data = $this->input->post;

    // We don't need doExecute() because parent will do it.

    protected function postExecute($data = null)
        // Do some stuff like redirect or session.

        return $data;

Advanced Functions


Basic Redirect

If you call setRedirect(...), controller will store redirect URL and do redirect after execute completed. Or you can call redirect() to instantly redirect to the URL you stored into controller.

$this->setRedirect($url, 'Mssage');

return true; // of false

If you call redirect($url) with a URL as first argument, Windwalker will instantly redirect to this URL.

Redirect for success or fail

In some data handling controller (like SaveController), we can set success and fail redirect URL.

use Windwalker\Bootstrap\Message;

    // Do something
catch (\Exception $e)
    $this->setRedirect($this->getFailRedirect(), $e->getMessage(), Message::ERROR_RED);

$this->setRedirect($this->getSuccessRedirect(), 'Success', Message::MESSAGE_GREEN);

Redirect to Item or List

You must extend AbstractRedirectController to use these features.

public function getSuccessRedirect()
    $this->input->set('layout', 'edit');

    return \JRoute::_($this->getRedirectListUrl(), false);
public function getFailRedirect()
    return \JRoute::_($this->getRedirectItemUrl($this->recordId, $this->urlVar), false);

You can use getRedirectItemUrl(), getRedirectListUrl(), getRedirectItemAppend() and getRedirectListAppend() to set some redirect details.

Setting Config

If you want to set some config to multiple controller, you have to use Delegator.

Every controllers group will have a delegator, for example, sakuras controllers will have a delegator.php in controller/sakuras. You can set some config to or alias it:

// controller/sakuras/delegator.php

use Windwalker\Controller\Resolver\ControllerDelegator;

class FlowerControllerSakurasDelegator extends ControllerDelegator
    protected function registerAliases()
        // Set alias here using $this->addAlias($class, $alias);

    protected function createController($class)
        $this->config['allow_redirect_params'] = array('...');

        return parent::createController($class);

The alias will get other controller if we set it, and the config will push to every controllers of sakuras.


If you want to use other Controller to do something, please using fetch() in controller.

This will call save controller and return Boolean, SaveController will not redirect page because it is in HMVC mode.

$this->fetch('con_flower', '', array('data' => $data));

And this can render other view for use:

$block = $this->fetch('con_flower', 'rose.display', array('layout' => 'foo'));

echo $block;

Do not show messages, add quiet params:

$this->fetch('con_flower', '', array('quiet' => true, 'data' => $data));

Return to Target URL

We can add a base64 encoded url in url query, the redirect() method will quto redirect to this url.

In View:

$return = '';

<a href="index.php?option=com_flower&<?php echo base64_encode($return);?>">

Now, when after controller executed, the redirect() method will take us to Google.

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This document is for Windwalker Joomla RAD, if you are finding Windwalker PHP framework, please see: Windwalker Framework