CrudModel is a model to do CRUD operation of table item. This class provides getItem(), save() and delete() methods to operate a record. Some of our controllers need this model to use.


AdminModel extends CrudModel, provides some admin functions like reorder(), checkout & in, sort etc. Most of all we use AdminModel as basic model in our component.

Some useful functions in AdminModel

Reorder Conditions

Reorder conditions can help you setting ordering group.

// In AdminModel
protected function getReorderConditions($table)
    $condition[] = 'catid = ' . $table->catid;


protected function populateState()
    $this->state->set('reorder.condition.fields', array('catid = 5'));

Order Position of new item

If we want to st new item ordered as first or last title, just override setOrderPosition and set the default value:

// Set $position = 'first' OR 'last'
public function setOrderPosition($table, $position = 'first')
    return parent::setOrderPosition($table, $position);

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