Html & Dom Builder

This is a convenience class to create XML and HTML element in an OO way.


DomElement and DomElements is use to create XML elements.

use Windwalker\Dom\DomElement;

$attrs = array('id' => 'foo', 'class' => 'bar');

echo $dom = (string) new DomElement('field', 'Content', $attrs);


<field id="foo" class="bar">Content</field>

Add Children

use Windwalker\Dom\DomElement;

$attrs = array('id' => 'foo', 'class' => 'bar');

$content = array(
    new DomElement('option', 'Yes', array('value' => 1)),
    new DomElement('option', 'No', array('value' => 0))

echo $dom = (string) new DomElement('field', $content, $attrs);

The output will be:

<field id="foo" class="bar">
    <option value="1">Yes</option>
    <option value="0">No</option>


HtmlElement is use to create HTML elements, some specific tags will force to unpaired.

use Windwalker\Dom\HtmlElement;

$attrs = array(
    'class' => 'btn btn-mini',
    'onclick' => 'return false;'

$html = (string) new HtmlElement('button', 'Click', $attrs);

Then we will get this HTML:

<button class="btn btn-mini" onclick="return false;">Click</button>

Get Attributes by Array Access

$class = $html['class'];

DomElements & HtmlElements

It is a collection of HtmlElement set.

$html = new HtmlElements(
        new HtmlElement('p', $content, $attrs),
        new HtmlElement('div', $content, $attrs),
        new HtmlElement('a', $content, $attrs)

echo $html;

OR we can iterate it:

foreach ($html as $element)
    echo $element;


$html = new HtmlElement('input', array(
    'data-string' => 'string',
    'data-empty' => '',
    'data-true'  => true,
    'data-false' => false,
    'data-null'  => null,

    // Special attributes
    'checked'    => 'checked',
    'disabled'   => true,
    'readonly'   => false

echo $html;


<input data-string="string" data-empty="" data-true checked="checked" disabled="disabled">


DomFormatter and HtmlFormatter will help us format XML / HTML string.

$xml = '<field id="foo" class="bar"><option value="1">Yes</option><option value="0">No</option></field>';



<field id="foo" class="bar">
    <option value="1">Yes</option>
    <option value="0">No</option>

HtmlFormatter will convert some tags to unpaired element, e.g. <img>.

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