Using DateHelper


$date = \Windwalker\Helper\DateHelper::getDate('now');

Same as

$dta = JFactory::getDate('now', JFactory::getConfig()->get('offset'));

To get the JDate object for local timezone.

Convert Timezone

Convert a server time to local time (Useful when we get data from SQL and then show to frontend).

\Windwalker\Helper\DateHelper::toLocalTime($dateString, $format);

Convert a local time to server time (UTC) (Useful when we prepare store a data into SQL).

\Windwalker\Helper\DateHelper::toServerTime($dateString, $format);

Quick Format

$date = new \JDate;

$date->format(DateHelper::FORMAT_SQL); // Only support MySQL format

Get Timezone

Quick get system timezone string from Joomla Config.

$tz = \Windwalker\Helper\DateHelper::getTZOffset();

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This document is for Windwalker Joomla RAD, if you are finding Windwalker PHP framework, please see: Windwalker Framework