What is Compare

Sometimes we will need a dynamic compare interface, but it hard to convert = or <= string to be php operator.

Compare object can help us create an object with compare logic between two values, and convert it to string, then we can use this string to build SQL or other use.

Basic Usage

echo new GteCompare('published', '1');

We will get published >= 1 string. This is easy to integate into query string.

$conditions = array(
    GteCompare('published', '1'),
    EqCompare('entry_id', 25),
    LteCompare('date', $query->quote($date))

$sql = 'WHERE ' . implode(' AND ' , $conditions);

We will get WHERE published >= 1 AND entry_id = 25 AND data <= '2014-03-02'.

Do Compare

$compare = new GteCompare(3, '1');

$result = $compare->compare();

var_dump($result); // bool(true)

Available Compare Object

Name Description Operator
EqCompare Equal =
NeqCompare Not Equal !=
GtCompare Greater than >
GteCompare Greate than or Equal >=
LtCompare Less than <
LteCompare Less than or Equal <=

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