Joomla has it's plugin system, and we can add our plugins into Joomla's Dispatcher without creating new plugins.

Create Our EventListener

Windwalker will auto register linteners in src/Flower/Listener/{Listener}/{Listener}.php.

Now we can create a new Listener class:


namespace Flower\Listener\MyListener;

 * Class MyListener
class MyListener extends \JEvent
    public function onContentPrepare($context, $article, $params, $page = 0)
        // Do some stuff

Now this listener will auto inject to our plugin list. Everywhere call onContentPrepare will raise our listener to do something.

Raise Event

$container = Container::getInstance('com_flower');

$dispatcher = $container->get('event.dispatcher');

$dispatcher->trigger('onContentPrepare', array('', $article));


We can use ListenerHelper to attach or detach listener to dispatcher.

Attach Listener

\Windwalker\Event\ListenHelper::attach(new SakuraListener);

Attatch to particular dispatcher.

\Windwalker\Event\ListenHelper::attach(new SakuraListener, $dispatcher);


Using linstener class name to detach a plugin.


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This document is for Windwalker Joomla RAD, if you are finding Windwalker PHP framework, please see: Windwalker Framework