Base64 Handler

We provides a universal interface for url base64 encode and decode, please using this code to encode url:

echo \Windwalker\Helper\Uri::base64('encode', $url);

And using this to decode:

echo \Windwalker\Helper\Uri::base64('decode', $url);

The encode action is same as base64_encode() function. But the decode() will make the url safe and replace ' ' to '+' to avoid decode error.

Download and Stream

Direct Download

Another method is download(), we can using redirect download by this code:

\Windwalker\Helper\Uri::download('files/file.pdf', true);

This will redirec to {ROOT}/files/file.pdf and download it.

Stream Download


\Windwalker\Helper\Uri::download('files/file.pdf', true, true);

Will using stream to download a file, it is useful when we want to hide the real file url.

Note: Please don't flush or echo any character before stream downlaod, or these character will be included to this file and make file corrupted.

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This document is for Windwalker Joomla RAD, if you are finding Windwalker PHP framework, please see: Windwalker Framework