Create a DataMapper

use Windwalker\DataMapper\DataMapper;

$fooMapper = new DataMapper('#__foo');

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(array('id' => 1));

Extend It

You can also create a class to operate specific table:

class FooMapper extends DataMapper
    protected $table = '#__foo';

$data = (new FooMapper)->findAll();

Or using facade:

$data = \Windwalker\DataMapper\DataMapperFacade::findOne('#__foo', array('id' => 5, 'alias' => 'bar'));

Find Records

Find method will fetch rows from table, and return DataSet class.


Get id = 1 record

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(array('id' => 1));

Fetch published = 1, and sort by date

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(array('published' => 1), 'date');

Fetch published = 1, language = en-US, sort by date DESC and start with 30, limit 10.

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(array('published' => 1, 'language' => 'en-US'), 'date DESC', 30, 10);

Using array, will be IN condition:

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(array('id' => array(1,2,3))); // WHERE id IN (1,2,3)


Just return one row.

$foo = $dooMapper->findOne(array('published' => 1), 'date');


Equal to find(array(), $order, $start, $limit).

Create Records

Using DataSet to wrap every data, then send this object to create() method, these data will insert to table.


use Windwalker\Data\Data;
use Windwalker\Data\DataSet;

$data1 = new Data;
$data1->title = 'Foo';
$data1->auhor = 'Magneto';

$data2 = new Data(
        'title' => 'Bar',
        'author' => 'Wolverine'

$dataset = new DataSet(array($data1, $data2));

$return = $fooMapper->create($dataset);

The return value will be whole dataset and add inserted ids.

Windwalker\Data\DataSet Object
    [storage:ArrayObject:private] => Array
            [0] => Windwalker\Data\Data Object
                    [title] => Foo
                    [auhor] => Magneto
                    [id] => 39

            [1] => Windwalker\Data\Data Object
                    [title] => Bar
                    [auhor] => Wolverine
                    [id] => 40


Only insert one row, do not need DataSet.

$data = new Data;
$data->title = 'Foo';
$data->auhor = 'Magneto';


Update Records

Update methods help us update rows in table.


use Windwalker\Data\Data;
use Windwalker\Data\DataSet;

$data1 = new Data;
$data1->id = 1;
$data1->title = 'Foo';

$data2 = new Data(
        'id' => 2,
        'title' => 'Bar'

$dataset = new DataSet(array($data1, $data2));



Just update one row.

$data = new Data;
$data->id = 1;
$data->title = 'Foo';



UpdateAll is different from update method, we just send one data object, but using conditions as where to update every row match these conditions. We don't need primary key for updateAll().

$data = new Data;
$data->published = 0;

$fooMapper->updateAll($data, array('author' => 'Mystique'));


Delete rows by conditions.


$boolean = $fooMapper->delete(array('author' => 'Jean Grey'));

Join Tables

Use RelationDataMapper to join tables.

$fooMapper = new RelationDataMapper('flower', '#__flower');

$fooMapper->addTable('author', '#__users', 'flower.user_id =', 'LEFT')
    ->addTable('category', '#__categories', array('category.lft >= flower.lft', 'category.rgt <= flower.rgt'), 'INNER');

// Don't forget add alias on where conditions.
$dataset = $fooMapper->find(array('' => 5));

The Join query will be:

SELECT `flower`.`id`,
    `author`.`id` AS `author_id`,
    `author`.`name` AS `author_name`,
    `author`.`pass` AS `author_pass`,
    `category`.`id` AS `category_id`,
    `category`.`title` AS `category_title`,
    `category`.`ordering` AS `category_ordering`,
    `category`.`params` AS `category_params`
FROM #__foo AS foo
    LEFT JOIN #__users AS author ON foo.user_id =
    INNER JOIN #__categories AS category ON category.lft >= foo.lft AND category.rgt <= foo.rgt

Using OR Condition

    'category.lft >= foo.lft OR category.rgt <= foo.rgt',



Compare objects

Using Compare objects help us set some where conditions which hard to use array to defind.

$fooSet = $fooMapper->find(
        new GteCompare('id', 5),
        new NeqCompare('name', 'bar')
        new LtCompare('published', 1),
        new NinCompare('catid', array(1,2,3,4,5))

This will generate where conditions like below:

WHERE `id` >= '5'
    AND `name` != 'bar'
    AND `published` < '1'
    AND `catid` NOT IN (1,2,3,4,5)

Available compares:

Name Description Operator
EqCompare Equal =
NeqCompare Not Equal !=
GtCompare Greater than >
GteCompare Greater than or Equal >=
LtCompare Less than <
LteCompare Less than or Equal <=
InCompare In IN
NinCompare Not In IN

Custom Compare

echo (string) new Compare('title', '%flower%', 'LIKE');

Will be

`title` LIKE `%flower%`

See: Compare

Using Data and DataSet

See: Data

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